Both were rainbows on the inside but i don’t have a picture of that :(

I originally tried to make a gumpaste rainbow (i made three) but they just wouldn’t stand (i think they were too big or heavy) so on the morning of the party, i quickly put together the rainbow we ended up using. It’s just fondant stuck to cardboard LOL

CASTLE CAKE (20th April)

This is the most ambitious cake I’ve made so far! I was working on it for two days! It wasn’t too hard to decorate but it was time consuming, especially the pink spires which I did layer by layer (not sure if you can tell from the pic).

The main challenge was getting the towers to stay upright! As you can see, the towers on the top tier were a bit lopsided.

The bottom tier was normal sponge cake but I’d used pink colouring, and the top tier was chocolate cake.

All in all, everybody loved it and it was a success!

Charity Fundraising

My friends and I have pledged to raise £10,000 for a charity called Orphans in Need. We held a cake sale a couple of weeks ago so I made a sponge and buttercream cake, cupcakes and a victoria sponge (not pictured lol) we made around £250 from this one cake sale! woot.

The big cake was a 10” round cake which was about 6” or so tall. I did a royal icing design in dark pink on the top and added a pink ribbon and diamante ribbon to finish it off. 

Anyway, the charity really is a worthy cause! They’re making a village in Delhi, India which is entirely for orphans and has everything they could need from homes with carers to a school and teachers. You can see how progress is going here.

If you would like to donate (you don’t have to!), you can do so here (our personal page) or here (via the website). Every penny counts! There’s also an option to sponsor a child in another part of the world.

Of course, you don’t have to make a donation, but if you could please reblog or let others know it would be much appreciated <3


This was the cake I made for my uncle. It was a bit of a rush job but it still turned out half decent :)

I bought a black edible pen so that I could make the windows and the little info plaque thing and it was such a fail! It wouldnt write properly and it came out a weird greeny blue colour :/ SO disappointing!

and i’m so silly, I forgot to make white icing for the POLICE BOX bit at the top and then didn’t have time at the end hehe and make a little short dalek to go with it haha